Design tips for working from home

25 March, 2020

At the time I am writing this, so many of us are working from home. The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic means that anyone who can possibly work from home, should do it. #flattenthecurve

I’m used to working from my home office. I’ve been doing it for around five years now, so it feels pretty normal for me. However, now my husband is also working from our apartment and we’ve had to set him up on one end of the dining table.

So if you’re new to home-based working, I thought I’d share some some design tips for creating a space that feels good and allows you to stay productive.


First up, and this might seem obvious, keep your space under control. Thankfully these days there’s a lot less paper involved with most jobs. But whatever materials you need to do your work, make sure you tidy the space at the end of the day. You’ll feel better about it when you sit down to work the next morning. And you’ll avoid feeling like work is taking over your home.

Whether you have a dedicated home office space, or you’ve set up camp at the dining table, create a space you love. And support a small business at the same time!

Plants help to purify the air and bring the outside in. Just what we all need right now! There are lots of plant delivery and subscription services out there. Two of my favourites are Leaf Supply and Bloomspace.

I also find that a candle is a great way to focus on the work at hand. I prefer fresh, fruity and invigorating fragrances during work hours. A couple of my favourites are the Pip candle from Posie and the Sun Bleached Denim candle from The Candle Library.

And last but not least, be sure to treat your body well. You might be sitting at the dining table, or using a different type of chair than you’re used to at the office. Here are some practical ergonomic tips for keeping your body happy when working from home. Functionality is a key part of design!

These design tips are perfect for anyone working from home… but even more relevant right now. Stay healthy and stay at home everyone!


And if all this time inside has you thinking about a makeover for your home, then get in touch. I’m working remotely with clients all over Australia. Retailers are still open for online orders and need your support! This is the perfect time to create a home you love, where you can cosy up and ride this thing out!

Cover image: Anne Sage

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