Dining Room Design

It’s important to get your dining room design right. After all, it’s the place where you come together with family and friends to share food and conversation. And these days dining rooms can take a lot of different forms. They can be casual family spaces. or they can be more formal (though this is increasingly uncommon). They can be in-kitchen. And they can even be outdoors.

dining room tables

If you’re starting your dining room design from scratch, then it’s best to choose a table first. Think about the purpose of your table and how many people are generally going to be seated at it. For example, if your dining table is in a casual space and is generally used for a family of five, then a 6-seater rectangular table is probably the perfect option. But entertainers who like to host larger numbers of guests will need to think about a bigger table, and possibly a different shape.

Mark out on the floor the size of any potential dining table before you make a purchase. Can you still navigate around it easily? Can chairs be moved in and out – remember you should allow for at least 50cm of room behind the chair.

dining room chairs

Your next purchase should be the dining chairs. While the style of chair doesn’t need to match the table exactly, look out for some common features to create a cohesive look. For example, if your dining table has black loop legs, then look out for chairs in a similar style.

It’s also important to make sure that the seat height for your chairs works with the table height. Depending on your own height, your needs might be a little different. Some stores will allow you to borrow a chair to try with your dining table to make sure it’s comfortable and looks good.

the finishing touches

And finally you can bring your dining room design to life with decor and accessories. A pendant light makes a great addition to a dining room. Hang it centred above you table. The bottom of the pendant should be approximately 70-75cm from the top of the table. Then just add a statement artwork and a few well placed decor accessories to complete the look.

interior design advice for your dining room

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