Outdoor area styling

We are lucky that our Australian climate allows us to enjoy the outdoor areas of our home all year around – and that’s why outdoor area styling is so important!

And yet quite often it’s the last area of the home to get some attention. I’ve worked with numerous clients on outdoor area styling and they are always surprised by just how much the space gets used once it’s completed.

The first thing I address with clients who hire me to style their outdoor spaces is to decide how the area will be used. Large decks and courtyards can often house both dining and lounging spaces. In these cases we zone the separate areas with outdoor rugs, umbrellas and pot plants. For smaller spaces, it’s better to focus on one sort of outdoor activity – either dining or lounging. This ensures you can make the most of space without overcrowding it. And even if you opt for a lounge space, this still lends itself to casual dining.

I treat the outdoor area as another room in the home and I believe it’s important to make sure the furniture and decor selected complements the interior spaces. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to outdoor furniture these days. I like to remind my clients that this furniture can often be exposed to the elements – sun, rain and wind. So it pays to spend a little more for good quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Studies have shown that we can ALL benefit from spending more time outdoors in the fresh air. And I believe everyone deserves to have an outdoor oasis they love – no matter how large or small.

ready to style your outdoor area?

Read a blog post I wrote recently about making the most of a small outdoor space. And get in touch if I can help you with any outdoor area styling.