Interior Design Living Room

Your living room is one of the most used rooms in your home so it’s important to get the interior design just right.

When I design your living room I first think of it as an empty shell. And then I plan the layout of the space. I’ll work out where each piece of furniture should be placed in order to get the most out of the space available. Sometimes this involves using your existing furniture, and other times it might mean purchasing some new pieces.

A number of factors will affect the layout of your living room. The first one is how you intend to use the space. Is it a family room for TV watching? Or is more of a conversation area when entertaining? This determines if seating is angled to face each other or towards the television.

I also consider the natural light when I work on your living room interior design. If you’re going to watch TV in the room, then the natural light levels can determine where we place furniture or the type of window treatments needed.

The real fun starts once the layout is decided! When furnishing a living room I usually begin with the larger items that are needed, like a sofa or entertainment unit. These are generally the investment pieces. Next is a rug for comfort and warmth and then a coffee table for added functionality.

The final layer in your living room interior design are the pieces that add the real personality. Think a beautiful statement artwork, lamps for ambience and cushions for the lounge. Plus a few well-placed accessories to dress your coffee table and entertainment unit.

interior design advice for your living room

Check out my portfolio for some examples of the living rooms I have created. And drop me an email if you’d like my help creating an amazing living room in your home.