Bedroom interior design

Bedroom interior design is all about creating a room that feels relaxing and restful.

I like to start this process by assessing the size of the room and looking at home much natural light there is. While every bedroom should have an element of cosiness, you want to avoid a cluttered or overstuffed look. So it’s important to choose furniture with the right size and scale for the room.

Light control is a crucial factor in bedroom interior design. If you want a solid night’s sleep, there must always be a way to block sunlight and ambient street lighting. Depending on the style of the bedroom design and the type of windows, I may recommend block out blinds or curtains. Plantation shutters are another popular option that provides great control over the amount of light allowed in.

The key furniture pieces in a bedroom include the bed itself, bedside tables and some sort of storage option. There are many options for bed configuration – you may prefer a timber bedhead and frame if you’re an allergy sufferer. Or an upholstered bedhead with storage underneath is another great option.

I can also help ensure that your bedside tables are the correct scale in relation to your bedhead. I see many clients who have lovely individual pieces, but they don’t all work together. Let’s avoid that!

Once I have all the key furniture pieces in place, it’s time to layer up the soft furnishings. This includes a range of bedding to suit your overall design scheme, cushions (but not too many), artwork and bedside lamps. For bedrooms with timber flooring, I also like to use an area rug to provide softness underfoot and to anchor the space.


You can see some of the bedrooms I have created in my portfolio. Drop me a line if I can help you with your bedroom interior design. Bedrooms are one of the more affordable rooms to makeover if you’re on a budget.