Concept development

Offering a fun and unique concept that will attract visitors to your property is crucial to creating a successful airbnb listing. Lauren will work with you to develop and refine your concept to maximise bookings.

Furniture and decor sourcing

Choosing furniture and homewares for your airbnb property is very different to selecting items for your own home. Lauren will source pieces that are functional, durable and serviceable, while still maintaining a great sense of style to attract more visitors.

Room layouts and functionality

Creating a functional and comfortable space for guests is a key factor in developing a popular airbnb property. Lauren will create floorplans to give you a clear understanding of what furniture and accessories you need to ensure your visitors have a great stay.

Onsite styling

Onsite styling is where the magic happens! Lauren will use all the furniture and decor items sourced for the project and arrange them in a way that brings your airbnb concept to life. This is the one step you definitely don't want to miss.

Marketing advice

When your airbnb property is complete and looking amazing you'll need a comprehensive marketing plan. Lauren can assist with writing your airbnb listing profile, arrange photography for your property and advise on social media strategies to advertise your home.

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