Designing a bathroom

It pays to really think through the space when designing a bathroom. While it’s often one of the smaller rooms in your home, it’s also one of the most important. Your bathroom is usually the first room you go into in the morning and the last place you visit at night.

Bathrooms have to fit a lot of functionality into what can sometimes be a small footprint. It’s a bit like  design jigsaw puzzle! 

The best way to start planning your bathroom renovation is to make a list of all the functional things that are important to you and your family. Ask yourself questions like: Does the current layout work? Is it the best layout for how we use the space? Do we need a bath? How much storage do we need?

Just like in a kitchen, if you’re looking to spend less then keep the layout generally as it is. It can be expensive to move plumbing. I can work with you and your builders to create a bathroom layout that works for your household, while not compromising on things you need in the space.

I can show you how to strike the right balance when designing a bathroom. Most clients request a bathroom look that will stand the test of time, but also a room that’s a little bit unique and definitely not cookie cutter!

In a small room like a bathroom I aim to keep the colour and materials palette quite harmonious. But then I keep things interesting by selecting one or two hero pieces. This could be a distinctive floor tile, statement tapware, or an unusual laying pattern for a simple white wall tile.

Lighting is a really important consideration in a bathroom, and one that people very often get wrong. Face level side lighting is optimal for makeup application, but this is not always possible. I can create a bathroom lighting plan to ensure the right illumination for each task.

Learn more about designing a beautiful bathroom

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