2 February, 2015

Two weeks ago we got a new sofa. A reasonably expensive sofa (well, for us at least). It’s lovely. The fabric feels nice. It’s super comfy. It’s made TV viewing even more relaxing than usual. But you know what happens when you drop all your cash on one investment piece? You have to get price savvy when it comes to the other furniture and homewares in your space. You know it!

So, today was quite the revelation for us. We went homewares shopping at Kmart. And guess what? It was actually pretty awesome. Today the budget department store launched it’s new Homemaker Collection and by the time we got to our local store at midday some things were almost sold out.

For a bargain $48  total we got a timber top wire side table ($29), a black wire basket ($9) and a pink and gold polkadot cushion ($10). We’re not saying it’s the best quality in the world, but sometimes budget is the deciding factor.

We have some other little tricks up our sleeve and tomorrow we are going to show you two fabulously different looks to try with this side table.

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Editor’s note: In case you were wondering, this article is NOT sponsored by Kmart. We just liked what we saw and wanted to share it with you all.

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