I’m a sucker for style when it comes to airbnb

2 July, 2019
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I’m guilty for choosing my airbnb based on its style, above just about any other factor. Sure, the location and price have to be right too…but if they get the interior styling right then I find it really hard to resist.

I think the best airbnbs know how to strike the right balance between home and away. They have a welcoming and cosy atmosphere that gives you the feeling of home. But you still get to enjoy all the perks of being away, including beautiful bedding, luxurious bath products and designer furniture.

Here are three of my favourite airbnbs and what I like so much about them.

Captains Rest in Tasmania, Australia

airbnb style 1
Captain’s Rest front entry
airbnb style 2
A cosy window seat

This gorgeous airbnb on the west coast of Tasmania has a rustic, fisherman’s cottage style. With windows facing directly out onto the water, it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the view. But the interior styling is just as impressive! It features beautiful linens and velvets and lots of unexpected objects which the owner (who is a sailor, scientist and stylist!) has collected on her travels around the world. The perfect place for a red wine and a roaring fire.

Casa Mami in California, USA

Confession – I’ve been coveting the style of this airbnb in the Californian desert for months now. The interior is definitely my aesthetic of choice.

What I love most about this property is that they have deliberately chosen a minimalist style. The result is that each piece is really beautiful – from a terrazzo coffee tables, through to a statement fireplace. The perfect finishing touch is the floor to ceiling windows that take in the amazing desert vista.

airbnb style 3
A sunny spot at Casa Mami
airbnb style 4
A striking black and white exterior

#thebarnTAS in Tasmania, Australia

This is another airbnb property in Tasmania, but I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as I stayed there a couple of years ago and loved it. The Barn is located in beautiful Hobart and is an old 1820s sandstone barn that’s been converted by two architects.

The finished product is dark and moody and the perfect place for a romantic getaway. The loft bedroom features lovely linens and extra luxuries like and electric blanket (a must-have for winter in Tassie).

sandstone cottage
Loft bedroom at #thebarnTAS
black kitchen
A dark and moody kitchen

own a holiday property? nail your airbnb style!

If you own a holiday house or airbnb property and need some assistance to grow your bookings, drop me an email. I offer an airbnb styling service that covers things like concept development, furniture and decor sourcing, onsite styling, photography and marketing advice.

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