16 May, 2016
home hacks for renters

Have you heard of life hacks? Well I’ve got home hacks to help you create a home you love, especially if you’re renting! Whether you’re new to the rental scene or a seasoned pro… the hardest thing about renting is feeling like you can’t really make the place your own and that you’re stuck with whatever your landlord has chosen. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this episode of The Find it. Style it. Podcast I’ve got some great home hacks and tips for how you can put your stamp on a rented home. I mention a number of brands and stores in the podcast that can help you with your home hacks for renters, including: westelm.com.au @westelmaus langdonltd.com @langdonltd arrohome.com @arrohome nickscali.com.au @nickscali removeablewallpaper.com.au @removeable_wallpaper LISTEN We’re posting a new interior design podcast every week, including this episode. Just click play and you can hear the whole thing now.. Or listen to this episode and others in Stitcher or iTunes >> click here to Listen Now on iTunes and click here to Listen Now on Stitcher. SUBSCRIBE AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK You can find The Find it. Style it. Podcast on iTunes listed in the Arts > Design category. Of course it’s FREE to access. If you subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, you’ll never miss an episode.  If you have a design dilemma you think we need to solve on the show, please email Lauren now and we’ll get straight onto it! And if you like the show, it’s really important you let people know about it! The best way to do that is to rate the show and leave a review on iTunes, which will help us rank higher in the iTunes charts and means more people get to know about the show too! If you need personal advice on interior design trends and how to make them work in your home then have a look at our interior styling packages and contact us now to get started. If you think there’s a brand or someone interesting Lauren should be interviewing for the podcast get in touch too! And join Lauren’s Find It First community for exclusive perks, discounts and free tips for creating a home you love at www.finditstyleit.com.au/registration. Image via Trendenser.se

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