8 April, 2016

You splashed some serious cash on a sofa, rug and coffee table…but now, 12 months down the track, your room is starting to feel a little ‘blah’. Sound familiar? It’s easier and less expensive than you think to give your living room a mini-makeover. Follow these easy five tips to give your space a new lease on life.  

Cushions are key in a living room

Never underestimate the power of a cushion to really give your room some punch. Swapping out some or all of your cushions will completely change the feeling of the room. Normally a pastel lover? Throw in some rich jewel-tones for impact. Tend stick to plain fabrics? Try out some pattern or texture for extra oomph. Hide your old cushions away in a cupboard and bring them out now and then when you feel like a change.   Living Room Update Plants are your friend A healthy dose of greenery will definitely change up the atmosphere in your living room. Fiddle Leaf Figs reigned supreme for a long time, but it’s time to try something new like a Rubber Leaf Plant. It’s dark green leaves with purple undertones will add a casual and cosy feel to your space. Pair it with a statement pot for serious wow factor. Is your thumb looking more black than green? Head straight for the Zanzibar Gem. No amount of neglect is going to kill that sucker. Pop your plant on a side table for extra height, or on the floor next to your sofa as it grows.  

Living room layouts

They say a change is as good as a holiday. The same rings true for changing up the layout of your living room. If space allows, it can be as simple as flipping all the furniture from one side of the room to the other, giving you a completely new perspective on your living room. Don’t have the muscle for a major move-around? Try switching up the position of your lamps, artworks, accessories or smaller occasional furniture. Sometimes even just a small change can create a more inspired interior.  

It’s all in the accessories

You know how adding a new necklace to a dress you’ve had for a while can make it feel a bit like a brand new outfit? It works the same way with interiors. Candles, books, vases, trinkets and more…Adding few new accessories is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to give your living room a mini-makeover and extend the life of your existing pieces. Take your inspiration from the things you already have and love by picking up colours from your artworks and cushions. Intersperse new and old accessories on your coffee table and bookshelves for the ultimate ‘layered look’.   Living Room accessories

Light it up baby

Who doesn’t love a little soft lighting? Lamps are the dark horse of living room mini-makeovers. Change the lamp and you instantly change the look. How about this for an example. You have a gorgeous tripod-style oak lamp base with a natural linen shade. You’re definitely rocking a casual contemporary vibe. But you want to make the room feel a bit more glam. Swap the timber lamp for an antique brass option and ‘hey presto!’, it’s all about the glamour.   Article originally published on Homes to Love website. For help styling your living room, drop me a line!   I’d love to work with you to create a beautiful, liveable and affordable space.

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