Kitchen splashback ideas with wow factor

11 November, 2019
Kitchen Interiors

If you’re looking for splashback ideas to create a stunning kitchen, there are three key considerations. Your choice of splashback will really have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. That’s why you have to be able to balance colour, texture and shape when planning your splashback.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we gather to prepare food for family and friends. Where we share news of how our day was. And where we hang for coffee with a friend who drops by to say hi.

But renovating a kitchen can be a nerve wracking experience for the uninitiated. It’s understandable, given the cost and permanency involved in choosing cabinetry, bench tops, tiles, and so on.

Just remember, a splashback doesn’t have to be for life! It’s actually much easier than you think to change it up without renovating your whole kitchen.

Listen to my podcast on great kitchen splashback ideas

Kitchen splashbacks are an important practical requirement in a kitchen. But choosing the right materials can be fraught with danger. And you want it look amazing, right?

So in this episode of our home, lifestyle and interior design podcast I take you through some of my favourite material choices and tips of how to decide what will work best with your kitchen design.

If you’re thinking about a kitchen renovation and need some professional advice or help to make decisions about your tiles, benchtops, cabinetry and tapware, email me to discuss how I can help.

Here are some of my favourite kitchen splashback ideas with tips on how you can incorporate them into you own home.

Textured tiles

As a general rule, unless you want your splashback to be the absolute focal point of the room, then make a choice between colour and texture.

Textured tiles have been hot property for a little while now, but thankfully there are a lot more options to choose from these days!

I love textured tiles with a handmade look (even if they are machine made). These are generally not completely smooth and the colour glaze may vary slightly. So the overall look is quite soft and a little bit mottled.

And this look works in so many different sized and styles of kitchens. Small space? Texture adds a nice little area of interest. Industrial style space? Texture adds warmth and softness.

kitchen splashback ideas
Tiles of Ezra

Adding colour to your splashback

Please don’t be afraid to add colour to your splashback! Some kitchen designs really need a dose of colour to bring them to life.

Many people worry they will fall out of love with the colour. So my advice is not to worry about what’s on trend, choose a hue that you love. Something you’ve always loved. There will be a way to work it in either a subtle or bold way – whatever works for you!

Coloured splashback
House and Garden Australia
Alison Damonte Design

Shape up kitchen splashback ideas

Sometimes all you need to create a kitchen with impact is to get creative with the shape and layout of your tiles. Round, KitKat, fish scale, hexagon. Tiles come in so many shapes and sizes. And you can also think outside the box when it comes to a laying pattern.

Kitchen tiles
Tiles Make the Room
herringbone splashback
The Tetbury House

My favourite tile suppliers

I work with suppliers all over Australia. And sometimes clients will have a preference for where they would like to buy their material from. But here are three companies that I have bought from and that would be worth considering for your next kitchen project.

Tile Cloud
Di Lorenzo Tiles
Beaumont Tiles

Cover Image: We Are Kin Interiors

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