How to choose the best exterior colour scheme

23 January, 2020

Choosing the best exterior colour scheme for your home can really help to maximise street appeal. But it’s a task that most people find quite daunting. There are lots of elements that make up the outside of a home. There could be bricks or timber, guttering, fascias, window frames and roofing.

And then there’s also the small matter of the style of your home. Is it a new contemporary-style house? Or an older character home? Single or double level? There are so many variables to consider.

When you choose the best exterior colour scheme for your home there are no hard or fast rules. But my tips will make the process easier and more enjoyable!


The age of your home will certainly have an impact on the colour scheme you use, but contrast is something that works on all eras.

Older homes, like Victorian and Federation styles, tend to have more architectural details – including lacework, fencing and tiling. If you want to play up these details then look to paint them in a contrasting colour to the rest of the home. Dulux Natural White for the main part of the home and Dulux Domino for the trims offers amazing contrast. Read my blog post about the best white paint colours.

Bodkin Cottage via The Country Philes

And contrast works just as well on a more contemporary home. The darker colour gives the home an anchor, while the lighter colour draws the eye up and blends into the sky.

Contemporary home with contrast

If you’ve been doing your research on the best exterior colour schemes, then you’ve probably come across the term ‘greige’. Just as it sounds, this colour somewhere between grey and beige. It’s a very versatile option, that works perfectly as a modern neutral. Dulux Dieskau is one of my favourite ‘greige’ colours. It works really well with white trims and red brick.


Even if you go with neutrals for the majority of your home’s exterior, you can still have a little fun with colour. The easiest way to do this with impact is by painting your front door. Go bright and colourful. Or a playful pastel.

Axiom Desert House

I’ve worked with lots of clients to create an exterior colour scheme that best suits their home. With some clients we are lucky enough to be building from scratch so have full control over the colour scheme. In other projects it may be an older home where we need to complement existing brick work, for example.

I’d love to work with you on the exterior of your home. Email me to arrange a consultation.

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