Bedroom styling ideas for a good night’s sleep

1 October, 2019

Looking for bedroom styling ideas? I’ve got some great tips to help you create a stunning bedroom, and ensure you have a good night’s sleep! Form and function can co-exist!

Pillow talk

I like to use soft, fluffy pillows to style my bed. The type that really fill out the pillowcase and make my bed look like something from a magazine. But while these look great, they often don’t provide the right support for sleeping. I keep my actual sleeping pillow, an ugly but ergonomic one, out of sight in my wardrobe and swap them over at bedtime.

Bedroom Styling Ideas

The right light

Choosing the right lighting for your bedside is really important. If you’re a reader then you want enough light to see your book, but equally it should not be burning your eyes! When styling your bedroom, the idea is to find the right balance. Look for a style where the actual light globe is covered in some way, either with a fabric or glass shade, to diffuse the point of light. I like to shop for bedroom lighting at stores such as Temple & Webster and Beacon Lighting.

Bedside Lamps
Image via Trend Decor

All covered up

Just as you would dress yourself in different layers of clothing, you should do the same with your bedding. Choose sheets and blankets in natural fibres like cotton, wool and bamboo. These fabrics will help to regulate your body temperature throughout the night – an important factor in sleeping well. And the good news is that sheets and quilts are available in pretty much any colour these days. If white’s not your thing, look for dusty pink, sage green or a soft grey. More muted tones help to create a more relaxed vibe. For soft, natural fibres I shop at Feyre Home and Adairs.

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Bedroom styling ideas from an expert

I love working with my clients on bedroom styling ideas. We all now know just how vital it is to sleep well. It has a huge impact on our general health and wellbeing. Get in touch if you’d to hire me to create a restful and stylish bedroom space in your home.

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