Blog - Lauren Keenan Home - best exterior colour scheme How to choose the best exterior colour scheme

Choosing the best exterior colour scheme for your home can really help to maximise street appeal. And it can give you the most amazing feeling when you pull into the driveway each day.  But selecting the best exterior colour scheme […]

Christmas table So you’re hosting Christmas this year?

Hosting Christmas comes with a lot of responsibility. For instance, there’s the menu, both food and drinks, and of course, the table setting. It’s such a busy time of the year with lots of celebrations with family and friends. You […]

wrapping christmas presents The secrets to wrapping Christmas presents like a pro

Wrapping Christmas presents of all shapes and sizes is really hard! Wasted paper, tangled sticky tape and paper cuts can make it more like hard work than festive fun! In this episode I speak with Australia’s expert gift wrapper Vivienne […]

Christmas tree decorating Take your Christmas tree decorating to the next level

Assembling and decorating your Christmas Tree – real or faux – is a skill! And in this podcast episode I’m speaking with Christmas decorating expert Annie Bloom from Visual Empire. Annie is a serious festive expert. She’s responsible for some […]

Australian Christmas wrapping How to create an amazing Australian Christmas

Looking for inspiration for a beautiful Australian Christmas? Well, I’ve got all the advice you’ll need in this very special Christmas mini-series of my podcast At Home with Lauren Keenan. This series brought to you in partnership with BIG W, […]

Christmas Tree Christmas Decorating: everything you need to know for the big day

I’ve created a special Christmas Decorating podcast series to help you get organised for the festive season. That’s right – I’ve joined forces with BIG W and its team of festive experts to create four fabulous podcast episodes all about […]


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