How to create a productive workspace at home

Creating a productive workspace at home during the pandemic is really important. It will help you stay focused and be effective on the job every day. Home life can be chaotic, especially if you’re sharing rooms and equipment. Or if […]

Move to a regional area: Property priorities changing as COVID-19 hits

Should I move to a regional area? That’s the hot topic for city-dwellers during the coronavirus pandemic. Big cities that felt vibrant, convenient and full of opportunity, are now feeling smaller and much more restrictive. And it’s made many of […]

How to get through lockdown How to get through lockdown: 5 lessons

This year has not been what anyone had planned and we’ve all had to think about how to get through lockdown. If we’ve learned anything from the last few months, it’s that there’s no place like home. Everyone’s personal circumstances […]

HomeBuilder renovation HomeBuilder: How to get up to $25,000 for your home

The Australian Government’s HomeBuilder grant program aims to generate economic activity during the downturn caused by coronavirus. It is a great opportunity for home owners to access additional funds for a renovation project or to build a new home.  The $680 […]

Working from home and adapting to new ways of living

Since the pandemic, many of us have been working from home and adapting to new ways of living and working. It’s been tough settling into this ‘new normal’. Even if you’ve managed to stay healthy and safe, it’s a challenging time. […]

Best indoor plants for your home

Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent, or a newcomer to green life, here are my tips for the best indoor plants. While I’m now a very confident green thumb, I used to be a serious plant killer. I don’t know […]


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