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Lauren Keenan is an interior stylist working with clients throughout all areas of Sydney. Her service area covers the inner city, eastern suburbs, inner west, Sutherland Shire, north shore, the north west, northern beaches and western Sydney.

As an interior stylist with clients all over Sydney, Lauren has seen many different types of homes and has helped clients with varying needs.

In the city, inner west and some eastern suburbs areas, the greatest challenge is definitely space. Or more specifically, the lack of it! Clients in these areas often contact Lauren because their homes are bursting at the seams and they need to rethink their furniture and storage choices. Often these clients will have purchased their home as a couple and have since grown their family. In these cases, Lauren will help decide how to use each room and how to make the most of the available space.

Sutherland Shire and north west Sydney homes are generally larger, freestanding and many of the clients are young families. In these types of homes clients often struggle to decide how to use the abundance of space. Some rooms sit empty of furniture for a long time! Lauren Keenan can help you to create specific zones within your home and ensure that the overall look is cohesive.

Clients in South West Sydney and Western Sydney also have different needs when it comes to interior styling and decoration. Lauren has worked with many families in these parts of Sydney who are embarking on new build projects. Choosing finishes such as bathroom tiles, flooring, kitchen benchtops and cabinetry can be a difficult task. Lauren can work with you to select all finishes and fittings prior to starting building. This makes the overall process much easier and less stressful.

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