Interior Stylist Surry Hills

Lauren Keenan is an interior stylist working in the inner Sydney suburb of Surry Hills. This is a very desirable part of the city to live. It has great transport links and many cafes, bars and restaurants. This small village is also home to numerous interiors stores and showrooms.

Lauren has worked with lots of clients living in Surry Hills. And one of the exciting things about this part of Sydney is the variety of types of homes. Here you’ll find everything from Victorian terraces, semi-detached houses, 1980s style unit blocks, as well as some newer apartment developments.

Each of these types of dwellings brings with it its own set of pros and cons. For example, in a Victorian terrace home you’ll usually find beautiful high ceilings and cornice details. But you’ll also find layout issues and natural light concerns.

As an experienced interior stylist in Surry Hills, Lauren will help you assess the pros and cons of your home. And she’ll help you to discover how you can make your home the best it can possibly be. You might have a renovation for your kitchen or bathroom in mind. If so, Lauren can provide advice on layouts, tiles, joinery, benchtops and more. Or perhaps your living room needs a refresh with new furniture and accessories. Lauren has access to ‘designer only’ pricing with many amazing retailers. So you’ll save both time and money.

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