Wendy Moore: Interiors expert on Selling Houses Australia

24 May, 2022
Wendy Moore from Selling Houses Australia

Wendy Moore may be one of Australia’s busiest media personalities. But she is embracing her role as one of two new faces on Foxtel’s Selling Houses Australia

Along with new landscaper Dennis Scott, Wendy Moore is now the interiors expert on one of the longest running and most popular property shows on Australian television. And together, Wendy, Dennis and host Andrew Winter bring a fresh take to Selling Houses Australia following the departures of Shaynna Blaze and Charlie Albone.

Wendy has a long history in the media and in interiors and design, including more than 10 years at the helm of Home Beautiful magazine. She did seven seasons as a judge on Channel Seven’s House Rules, and Wendy has recently joined The Australian Women’s Weekly as Homes Editor At Large. 

Wendy Moore is also Head of Lifestyle for the Foxtel Group. So as well as being seriously busy, she is experienced and has some really interesting insights on property design and styling for sale, the Australian real estate market and the future of magazines.


As well as being a leading interior stylist for homes up and down the east coast of Australia, Lauren Keenan is an award-winning podcast host. And in this episode of At Home with Lauren Keenan, we talk to Wendy about what it is like stepping into Shaynna Blaze’s shoes, why the show remains so popular and what makes Selling Houses Australia so special. 

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We’ve loved Shaynna and Charlie over 13 seasons of the show. But Wendy and Dennis are like a breath of fresh air on Selling Houses Australia in 2022. They’re fun, they know what they’re talking about and we’re now getting a closer look at their design choices. 

“It’s always nerve wracking. I’ve known Shaynna, we’ve always been in the same circles for a long time even though she’s in Melbourne. And I’ve also loved the show,” she told us on our interior design podcast.

“There’s a lot of pressure when you step into that. And I think when you love the show yourself, you’re part of the audience, you think ‘I know what makes this special’. So how do I make this special and how do I keep it special but not just try and create something already unique to someone else? So I just needed the design to speak for me.”

“I think a lot of people want to understand the ‘why’ behind the design. Showing the moodboards, which I’m a massive advocate for, I think moodboards for everyone makes a design process and a renovation so much easier. And I’m always surprised how few people use them.”


The transformation of properties on shows like Selling Houses Australia is always so impressive. And viewers can be fooled into thinking all of the hard work happens off camera with an army of trades. But Wendy told us that she really enjoys planning as well as doing the renovations, especially if it saves money for the subject of a given show. 

“We’ve got incredible trades and all of these people doing the stuff that we can’t, but you have to get involved,” Wendy says. 

“We do have to pay for the trades so everything we do saves money. I’ll hang wallpaper, I’ll knock down walls and I’m tiling splashbacks. I’ll do everything I can to save money.”


One of the things that makes Selling Houses Australia so special is that it’s about more than just renovations. Wendy Moore told us on the podcast how meaningful it is to be able to help people in difficult situations. 

“You really are talking to people who are in a difficult situation in their life. Their home really is a reflection of their life state. There are moments where you walk in and think ‘this is not a difficult job’,” she said. 

“There was a house recently that we did and they really needed to get out of the house. They were in a bad situation. They got some advice and spent money on the house and they just spent the wrong money and got no return. I know why they lost heart. You can’t keep throwing money down the drain. 

“You know what it is like if you’re renovating, dying under debt or in a rut. You can’t see the forest for the trees. That’s why we’re there.”


Wendy is highly experienced in creating content for home owners and people that love interiors. And she says that while digital is everywhere, there is definitely a place for premium magazines and home content. 

“The mistake that has been made is about making magazines more cost effective when they should be more luxurious. I will always fork out for something that is high quality and inspirational,” she said.  

“That lends itself to home magazines. Premium paper, thicker books. Low quality paper and overused images and ideas, I can get on social media. I think just like books had their resurgence, I think that magazines can have a place in the future as well.”


Wendy is a super fit person. And she has roped new colleague Dennis Scott into running a half marathon for the charity Running for Premature Babies. She is on the Board of the charity. It is an issue close to her heart after the premature birth of her own children.

We’ve made a donation to Wendy’s fundraising ahead of the run. Go to Wendy’s fundraising page to make a tax deductible donation in support of Wendy and Dennis on their run.


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