Top interior design trends for 2022

4 March, 2022
Interior design trends

It’s a new year and we’ve put together a list of the top interior design trends for 2022. There are so many ways to create a home you love and adding some leading trends to your personal style is a great way to stay on point. 

After two years of home-based living and working, we are starting to explore more and spend time away from home. Which means when you come home, you want somewhere that feels fresh for the year ahead. 

Trends do come and go. While we are using the term ‘trends’ to describe the theme of this post, I like to think about emerging colours, textures, and materials. Layering these emerging elements in your home means you can bring them into your personal palette. And that’s how you can develop your own personal style for longevity and success.


As well as being a leading interior stylist for homes up and down the east coast of Australia, Lauren Keenan is an award-winning podcast host. And in this episode of our podcast At Home with Lauren Keenan she looks into the crystal ball and shares her interior design trends for 2022. 

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Over the last few years we’ve all been spending more time at home. Lots of people have had grand plans to move to a bigger place with dedicated spaces for work and play. But that’s not always going to be possible. Especially with house prices in many parts of Australia.

That’s why dual-purpose rooms are going to be one of my top interior design trends for 2022. 

“People are incredibly adaptive and these trends show us that we really want our homes to give us a warm hug. But we still want them to feel like we’re having a fresh start after this tumultuous period we’ve been in,” Lauren says. 

“This is a functional trend – for instance a room that needs to be a spare room and an office. Or maybe you have kids that need a playroom but also function as a place where the parents can watch TV. 

“These rooms don’t need to feel like a compromise. You can make design choices that give you multiple uses. Always think about how the room will be used most of the time. That’s where your emphasis should be.

Clever use of storage or joinery will help ensure that you can use the room effectively for the main purpose. And look for furniture items where messy things can be tidied up or covered up. Like an ottoman that has storage or custom joinery that gives you flexibility.”


This sounds controversial, but let’s go with it. Brown is another one of my top interior design trends for 2022 because it can suit a range of interior styles. And it can add depth and character to your room without being too harsh. 

“Think shades of soft caramel, lattes, mushrooms, rich tans and deep brown. Then consider materials and textures like leather, timber, wool, and travertine. And yes, probably still a bit of rattan too,” Lauren says.

“Brown pairs really well with lots of green life and even warm white or light beige. And it suits lots of interior styles. You could create a 1970s vibe, or a modern take on a classic American farmhouse.”

Lauren recommends checking out the Proper Hotel in Santa Monica, California. It is put together by well-known interior designer Kelly Wearstler. This hotel is a great example for how brown can be used as a modern neutral.  


This is something that is easy to do, can add character and it’s affordable. That means it’s something you can get into without breaking the bank.

“I know it is easy to ‘shop the look’ at one or two retailers. But you end up having a house that looks a bit flat. We want it to look like you’ve spent time and effort curating a beautiful look that is just for you,” Lauren said on her podcast.  

“It could be an artwork, something as small as a vintage vase or a re-purposed hall-runner. Really you need to look for pieces that look like they are telling a story that is unique to you. “Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you go looking for it. So have a browse around in second-hand stores for glassware or goblets or the thing that feels ‘you’ for your home. And support your local smaller makers, either on your travels or online. They’re the ones that need a helping hand, especially now.   


For the last 5 or 6 years in Australia, there’s been a particular design style that’s been everywhere. Part boho, part Moroccan, part coastal. Lots of light earthy colours, very casual, a kind of beach shack with a slight 70s vibe, artworks of girls surrounded by plants. 

“It was quite a feminine look. It started in designer stores in places like Byron Bay. Now, you can get it just about anywhere. And that’s OK. But we’re starting to move away from that now as we look for something a bit more grown up and new,” Lauren said on her podcast. 

“I think we’re looking for something a little richer looking, more balance between masculine and feminine aesthetics.”

Examples of this more refined look could include sofas in richer hues like blue or dark green. Or it could be more landscape paintings, less beachy photographic prints. It’s a little more formal, but it’s still very comfortable.


Another one of my top interior design trends for 2022 is the influence of European and American design. Think ‘American Farmhouse’ or ‘Dutch Farmhouse’. 

And while it’s going to take time to create, it will have longevity. Lauren recommends looking up people like Californian designer Amber Lewis. Her latest work is in line with this design style. 

“I think this design style is going to come through more in kitchens and bathrooms and laundries. The powder room is also somewhere we can have more of a wow factor. And it’s somewhere you can add detail on a small scale,” Lauren said on her podcast.  

“Things to look out for in this more detailed trend are materials like bronze and deep antique brass, creamy marble and travertine. And materials that feel beautiful to the touch.

“The finer details are also important. This look works really well when pieces and finishes are paired in an interesting or unexpected way. For example, in a powder room you might combine a vintage timber mirror with a beautiful bronze tap. Or perhaps you could have one of your artworks reframed with a slightly more ornate and classic frame.” 


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