Styling your home when you’re selling up

15 July, 2019

I recently worked with some lovely clients in Sydney on a styling for sale project. This family is in the process of selling their home and needed help refreshing all rooms to help achieve the best possible sale price.

When styling for sale it’s quite common to hire furniture and accessories to dress each space. But the cost of this can also really add up, depending on the size of your home and whether or not you already have some furniture that’s still suitable to style with.

Many of my clients actually prefer to purchase some new furniture and decor items which can then make the move with them to the next house. And often, we then work together on the new house to get it really feeling like home.

And that was the case in this situation. My clients had been hanging on to some old furniture. When they decide to move, it seemed like a great time to replace it!

The design process

As always, I started my design process with a moodboard. Why? Well it really helps me get my creative juices flowing before I start specifying items. The look I went for really suited the clients’ pared-back, modern coastal vibe. I kept the colour palette really simple here – just chalky white, almost black and pops of rich tobacco. Plus, I was sure to add lots of green life!

You can see more of my moodboards via my Instagram story highlights.

styling for sale moodboard in Sydney

I can’t emphasise enough how important styling for sale is. It doesn’t mean you need to move everything out and start again. But what you do need to do is give prospective buyers a good idea about how they might live in the space.

This includes how each room can be used by the new owners. For example, if it’s a bedroom then make sure you have a bed in there when you style for sale. Or if it’s a home office then ensure you have the room furnished with a desk, a chair and a lamp.

Are you planning a move?
Have you thought about styling for sale?

I can help you style your home for sale, helping you achieve the best possible result. You’ll be surprised just how much value you can add to your home with a few tweaks to the styling. Drop me an email and let’s talk about working together.

Cover Image via Clem Around the Corner.

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