11 October, 2016

Do you see yourself living in one of those amazing New York City lofts that the young, beautiful characters in TV shows always seem to be able to afford? Yep, us too! High ceilings, big windows, concrete, timber and metallics. What’s not to love? You might already be familiar with this style – it’s ‘industrial’ of course! In this episode of Style School we talk about what industrial style is, where can you shop for it and how can you incorporate it into your home.     Interior Stylist and Founder of Lauren Keenan answer those questions in Episode Three of Style School as we break down five of the most popular contemporary interior design styles in this season of the Podcast. If you’re following along at home these are the hashtags Lauren talks you through in the show #industrialstyle #industrialinterior plus places you might like to shop including Matt Blatt, Freedom Furniture, Anasthetic Design, Canalside Interiors and Beacon Lighting. There are two more episodes coming this season – Mid-Century Modern and Modern Country styles.

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