12 November, 2018

The second half of our podcast series Renovating for Profit is getting underway soon with some incredible experts joining us in the next four episodes. This series takes you step-by-step through key topics and the questions you need to ask yourself as you go through a renovation project of any kind. We’ve already covered off some key topics including: Episode 1 – How to start a renovation project Episode 2 – How to find an investment property Episode 3 – What is the difference between buying to rent and buying to flip Episode 4 – How to finance your investment property BONUS Episode – Why is is so hard to get a loan? We’re super excited to announce that Mortgage Choice Neutral Bay has come on board as our sponsor for the second half of this Renovating For Profit series. If you’ve already listened to episode 4 of this series, you’ll remember hearing from Stephen Lemm, the principal at Mortgage Choice Neutral Bay. Stephen has many years of experience working as a mortgage broker and we’ve personally used his service a number of times to arrange finance for our mortgages. You can expect lots more great information in upcoming episodes. We’re talking to Marshal Keen (AKA The Bondi Builder) about his experience as a builder on renovation for profit projects. He gives us the lowdown on how to get the best from working with your builder. And we bring you insights from Sydney real estate agent Daniel Acocks about how to rent or sell your property once your renovation is complete. A really important episode you won’t want to miss. Here’s what’s coming up: Episode 5 – Planning for success Episode 6 – Building a budget for renovation success Episode 7 – Why asking for help is the smartest thing you might do Episode 8 – How to sell or rent your property once the renovation is done PLUS – We’ll be releasing two bonus episodes so you can hear more from our experts Marshal Keen and Daniel Acocks. Thanks again for listening. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts or your fav podcast app so you never miss an episode. And if you want Lauren to work with you on your renovation or interior styling project then get in touch now.   Photo credit: Cantilever Interiors.

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