Living room decoration secrets

15 April, 2019
living room decoration

It’s important to get your living room decoration just perfect! Especially since it’s one of the most-used rooms in our homes for relaxing and entertaining alike.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to living room decoration. So it’s important to think about form as well as function. Remember, you don’t need to sacrifice good looks for practicality!

My styling work was recently featured in a helpful article on Houzz all about styling secrets for beautiful living room decoration. It talks about budgeting, furniture selection and placement and more. You can read more here.


Here are some more of my favourite tips for creating the loveliest living room decoration.

Round it out – Always include something round in your room. This might be a round coffee table or a round mirror. You’ll be surprised how it will soften the space.

Go green – I am also a big believer in decorating with plants. They really do turn a house into a home. Maybe your thumb is more black than green? Go faux!

Size matters – When it comes to artworks and rugs, bigger is almost always better. Buy the largest you can afford for a more luxe look.

Got it in black? – Almost all interiors can benefit from at least a little bit of black. It helps give depth and definition to the space. It might be the leg of a coffee table, or even a small vase or cushion.

Light it up – And finally, most of us are using our living rooms in the evenings so be sure to include some table lamps and floor lamps for a little ambient lighting. Great for creating a cosy atmosphere!

Need some help creating a beautiful living room? I can help with all aspects of interior styling for your home including colour consultations, furniture selection and placement, artwork selection and more. Contact me for more information or to arrange a consultation.

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