Indoor plants trending in 2021: How to create a lush and lovely home

20 January, 2021
Indoor Plants Trending in 2021

Spending more time at home has resulted in more questions about indoor plants trending in 2021. So I’ve put together a list of my favourite house plants to help you create a lush and lovely home this year. 

Indoor plants bring your home to life and they have so many benefits. They’re good for your health, they help with your mental wellbeing, and they’re amazing for styling and layering your look.

And I never style a home without indoor plants, whether it is my home or for a client. Because they are naturally beautiful and can help soften architectural features in our homes. Plants provide lovely colour and contrast to timber floors, painted walls and other hard finishes like tiles, glass and appliances. 


In this episode of our interior design podcast At Home with Lauren Keenan we’ve got recommendations for indoor plants trending in 2021. Click play and hear which plants I think will take over Instagram this year. Plus my tips for plant care and books you need to read to step up your knowledge on greening your home.


Here is my list of indoor plants I’m loving and you can expect to see all over instagram in 2021. 

  • Mistletoe Cactus – Has really interesting long straight foliage that hangs and trails. Mistletoe Cactus loves some humidity so they are great for a windowsill or shelf in the bathroom.
  • Air Plants – These are great because there is literally no soil required! But they do still need some care. And there are lots of fun ways to display these plant babies, for example hanging them in glass vessels.
  • Hoya – This indoor plant is easy to look after. It doesn’t require repotting often and if you give it enough light it will reward you with gorgeous pale pink flowers.
  • Narrow Leaf Fig – You will need a little more space for this one because it is like having a mini tree inside. Watch this plant pop up on Instagram and in magazines this year!
  • Elephant Ear – The leaves are huge and shaped like an elephant’s ear, hence the name. This is a statement plant and doesn’t need a lot of other things around it. Just place it in a simple beautiful pot to help it shine.
  • Chain of Hearts – This is a very sweet looking plant with touches of grey-green and purple on its heart shaped leaves. A lovely hanging or trailing plant for your home.

Let me know which plants you are loving. Hit me up on the socials @laurenkeenanhome on Instagram or send me a message on our contact page.


I’ve been spending a lot of time learning about plants and how to care for them recently. There are some fantastic books worth checking out like Plantopedia by Leaf Supply founders Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan. Check out their first book Indoor Jungle too.

From my research, I want to share a few things that I think are vital when it comes to choosing indoor plants for your home in 2021.  

  • Don’t just pick any plant. We’re talking trending plants, but you need to know what will work in your home.
  • Assess the environmental conditions. What is the ventilation and natural light like? Is it dark? Are there windows where things get a bit hot or create a draught? Or do you use air conditioning a lot? Always relate the light levels and the airflow in your space to somewhere in the natural environment which has similar conditions.
  • Plan where the plant will be placed. Where you want to put your plant will he determine what will work best. Will it be on the floor, on a stand, a table or hang from the ceiling? For example, devil’s ivy is nice hanging but can also work on the edge of a bench or in a stand. And don’t be scared to bunch them together. Plants look great in packs and clusters!

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Image: Wild Interiors (Credit: Hilton Carter/ CICO Books)

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