19 January, 2015

Cushions are the perfect way to add some extra personality to your room. Whether on your sofa, your bed or in your outdoor space, follow our simple rules to style your cushions like a pro.

Colour Choose your cushion colours based on the other accessories in your room. For example, if you have an artwork that features navy and coral colours then pick up those tones in your cushions. They don’t have to be an exact match (in fact it’s better if they’re not), but just similar enough to create a cohesive look.

Pattern Panicking over patterns? Don’t! It’s OK to mix patterns and can help you to create a lovely layered look for your space. Just remember to vary the size of the pattern, include a mix of contemporary and traditional styles and blend organic patterns with more geometric ones.

A pretty cushion collection- mixing patterns and colours! Image via

Placement We just have one thing to say here: never place cushions on their corner points ‘diamond’ style. Other than that, just go with the flow and remember not to overpower your lounging space with too many cushions.

Texture If you’re going for a more neutral or monochromatic colour scheme in your room then cushion texture is an important consideration to avoid a bland interior. Don’t be afraid to mix velvet or woven materials with feathers or faux fur. Again, this helps to create the layered and lived-in look we all want to create.

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