25 February, 2015

Are you into vignettes? If not, you should be! They are the easiest way to make your home feel more ‘you’.

What’s are vignettes we hear you ask? It’s really just a fancy word for a small collection of items that are lovingly arranged to help bring a space to life. Think flowers, trinkets, books, artwork and more. In fact, the more personal and outside-the-box your vignette is, the better it will look.

This is an excellent way to experiment with different looks on the cheap, so jump in feet first and have a go!

Where to use vignettes?

You can use vignettes anywhere in your home but try some of these locations as starters: bedside tables, mantelpieces, coffee tables and entrance halls.

What to include in your vignette?

Personal items mixed in with old and new bits and bobs work best. Take a look through your cupboards to see if you have any old treasured trinkets, or include some items from your travels. If all else fails, take yourself along to your local Vinnies or Salvos and scour for pre-loved treats. You’ll be surprised what you can find. Think about including things like candles, bowls, vessels, flowers, books, art and lamps in your vignette.

Need some inspiration?

Take a look at these gorgeous vignettes and have a go at recreating them at home. If you still need a hand, why not talk to our stylist about a mini-makeover? Lauren can help you give your home personality by creating vignettes with your existing items.

Image Via Tarah Lowry (left).  Via Sunny Day Petra (right)

Image Via Stephanie Sterjovski (left). Via My Lovely Things (right)

Image Via Tidbits and Twine (left). Via House Tweaking (right)

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