How to get through lockdown: 5 lessons

25 July, 2020
How to get through lockdown

This year has not been what anyone had planned and we’ve all had to think about how to get through lockdown.

If we’ve learned anything from the last few months, it’s that there’s no place like home.

Everyone’s personal circumstances are different. Therefore the health and economic impacts of coronavirus are affecting different people and their families differently. 

We want to help you through this challenging time. To try to make some positive changes. 

In this episode of our interior design podcast we cover how to get through lockdown with five lessons we learned.

1 – Home is more than just place to lay your head
2 – Accept that things are far from perfect at home… and that’s OK
3 – How to make use of the extra time you have
4 – Love local and shop small
5 – Re-imagine the spaces you live in


Lauren applies her experience as an interior stylist to address challenges we’re all facing at home and has some advice for adapting to new ways of living and working.  

“As someone who loves creating and enjoying beautiful spaces, home is really special to me. But I’ve been guilty of treating my home like a pitstop from time-to-time.” Lauren said.

“We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to take our homes for granted. This is especially so when we’ve traditionally spent more time in the office or eating out at restaurants and cafes.

“Now is a great time to think about the things you love at home and things you can change for the better. New furniture or accessories can help make your home more comfortable or functional.

“There are options to make changes without spending money too like changing the placement or orientation of your furniture. You can also create the feeling of more space in your home by decluttering the room you use most. 

“It’s more important than ever that our homes have multifunctional spaces. This is especially important if you live in a smaller house or an apartment. So be flexible about how you use existing rooms and think about creating new spaces and layouts for better functionality.”


This award-winning interior design podcast, hosted by Sydney interior stylist Lauren Keenan, is now in its fifth year. We’re excited to be back in 2020 with new episodes with heaps of information and tips to help you at home during the pandemic. And we’ve got conversations with some really interesting people to help you adapt during these challenging times. 

Upcoming guests include Alice Stolz from Domain, Anneka Manning from Bake Club and Grace McBride from Spend with Them.   

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