How to decorate your home. And get the best out of your stylist

24 September, 2019
How to decorate

Want to know how to decorate your home and get the best out of a stylist?Yes!

But first, there are three approaches for a piece of design work. Yes, no and WOW! And I always aim for WOW!

And in this video I’ve got three tips that prove why hiring an interior stylist like me is a good idea. Plus I take you through how to get the best out of an interior stylist or an interior designer when they’re helping with your home update, renovation or new build.

My first tip is to keep an open mind. If you are completely happy with your home as it is then you wouldn’t be hiring an interior stylist. But my job is to make sure the end result feels like ‘you’. Because it’s your home after all and you have to love it!

My second tip is to make sure you spend some time thinking about your budget. It’s a tricky one, but it dictates what we can do and I want to make sure your budget is realistic to create the perfect home for you!

My third tip is to be ready to go. Just like fashion, interiors are seasonal. So if you’re hiring an interior stylist, be ready to buy once they make their recommendations so you don’t miss out and you make the most of your investment!

I’m all about helping you create a home that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. Drop me an email if this video has helped you and if you have any more questions you want me to answer on my YouTube Channel.

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