21 June, 2017

I have to admit, I’ve been spending a lot of time in my home office lately – and I love it! I’m working on a few major projects right now and so I’ve been wiling away the hours at my desk researching, planning, drawing… You get the idea. So it really got me thinking about what makes for the perfect home office.

You should know this post is sponsored by the lovely people at Temple & Webster, however all thoughts and words are my own!

For me the perfect home office is all about the desk. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Get the desk right and it makes it so much easier to style up the rest of the room.

I like enough space to really spread out with designated spots for my computer, stationery supplies, desk lamp and a few well placed accessories – you know, to liven things up a little!

And while functionality is important, it needs to look beautiful too. We place a lot of emphasis on making the other areas of our homes look gorgeous, so why not your home workplace too?

Because space is at a bit of a premium in my home, I have a long narrow desk that nestles snuggly against one wall. I like me a little minimalist style so I’ve gone with a classic white desk top and black legs.

BUT, if space was not an issue I would love to have a round desk or something with a few more design details. Your home office is the perfect place to inject some personality. It can really help get the creative juices flowing.

To wrap up, here are my five quick tips for the perfect home office:

  1. Choose the perfect desk
  2. Combine form and function
  3. Don’t forget storage spaces
  4. Good lighting will make your space so much more useable
  5. Place your desk next to a window. A view makes for great inspiration!

You can read more about home office layouts that look amazing and are good for your body too in another post.

If you’d like help creating your perfect home office, drop me an email. I’d love to work with you.

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