24 September, 2016
Hamptons beach house

Heard of Hamptons style? It’s beautiful when it’s done right, but so easy to get wrong. So in this episode of At Home with Lauren Keenan we break down this popular interior decorating style for you so you can use it to create a home you love.

First up, when you listen to this episode you might notice the podcast is called The Find It. Style It. podcast. Don’t be confused, you are in the right place. This is an older (but still very relevant) episode of the podcast. We changed the name of the show to At Home with Lauren Keenan a little while back.

So what is Hamptons style? Well the Hamptons is located a couple of hours from New York City and is the playground for it’s rich and famous. You’ve probably seen it before in TV shows like Revenge and movies such as Something’s Gotta Give.

This interior style is classic yet fresh. There’s an emphasis on light and bright walls in shades of white. Floors are almost always timber – both light and dark tones. And the homes are furnished generously, to create a layered look. Historically speaking, Hamptons style often used blue and white as the general colour palette. But as the look has been embraced by more people this rule has relaxed somewhat to include other colours like beige, rust, black and grey – but always with white front and centre.

Learn more about Hamptons style by taking a listen to the episode. And let Lauren know if you have any questions about how to create this look in your home.


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Cover image by One Kindesign.

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