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19 May, 2022
Deborah Hutton from Foxtel's Find My Dream Home

Deborah Hutton has been part of the Australian media landscape for decades. She’s a certified style icon and she has a huge passion for property, interiors and architecture. In her new show on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel and On Demand, Find Your Dream Home, Deborah Hutton meets 24 Australians and gets a close look at their dream homes. 

There are eight episodes. And in each episode, Deborah explores a different kind of ‘dream home’ travelling all over Australia to see wildly different places in all sorts of locations. From tiny homes and off-grid properties to heritage charm homes in Tasmania and Queenslanders up north, this show has it all.


As well as being a leading interior stylist for homes up and down the east coast of Australia, Lauren Keenan is an award-winning podcast host. 

And in this episode of At Home with Lauren Keenan you can hear Lauren and producer Scott Keenan talking with Debora Hutton about her new show, her passion for interiors. And she has a strong warning about sun damaged skin and how to protect yourself against the risks of cancer. 

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Deborah Hutton told us on the podcast that her new TV show is an original format for Foxtel. 

“It’s about the different ways people choose to live. And it’s so poignant that it is on now… as people question how they want to live and is this the house they want to live in for the future,” she said. 

“Do we want to sell all of our stuff and move into a tiny house? Do we want to move to a heritage cottage in Tasmania? Or a beautiful Queenslander? 

“We get to meet all of these gorgeous people and really understand what it is like to put together a pre-fabbed home. Or what is it like to live off-grid. And it is a series that answers all of these questions which is why I think it is such a great series for right now.”


Our favourite episode in the series was set in Tasmania, where Deborah Hutton visited three historic homes owned and restored by three women. And she showed how all three women, including one living in an old Georgian-style cottage in Oatlands, fell for their properties.  

“I was blown away. That episode is so beautiful,” she said. 

“It’s her love of the history and the love and warmth that property gave her. All of those three women fell in love with their properties due to the heritage but also the history. And they’re adding to it, and restoring it. 

“It was like these properties were made for them and their personalities. I can see their love and their appreciation of the history and I learned a lot… It was really fascinating.”


A new project of her own has followed this new TV series, and Deborah told us that examples of sustainability she saw making this TV show will make her think differently.

“I’ve recently purchased a property south of Sydney. This is a new project for me and I’ve sold my old dream home,” she said. 

“This is a complete knock-down rebuild. But the whole thing about sustainability. And less is more. Already I’m starting to craft what my house looks like and I definitely want to lean more into solar. There’s different ways of underfloor heating with water, instead of drawing too much energy from the grid. 

“And maybe that’s why I found off-grid homes so fascinating. There’s definitely a more sustainable way to think about natural resources and if you’re in a position of building, there’s better ways out there.”


Deborah Hutton is very well known as someone that loves Hamptons and coastal style interiors. 

“I love a classic weatherboard. I just love that. It reminds me of growing up in Queensland and it makes me feel like home. It’s comfort. It warming,” she told us on the podcast.

“I fell in love with the Hamptons when I used to live there years ago as a model in New York. I fell in love with all of those places. It’s just about being able to relax, put your feet on the table, slip covers on the lounge.  

“I think I’m always going to be sticking to my style. But I do think you have to be open and flexible. And that’s why I’m going to be sitting in this little knock down for a year or so, just to get a feel for the place, and the light and how it all works. Which I think is really important to do before you start planning anything.  

“That’s what I did Bronte. I did live in it for two years before I did my renovation. 

“Interestingly, this property I have bought came with an approved DA from my favourite architect who does a lot of northern beaches Hamptons-style homes. I looked at it and thought it was my dream home. I thought I would jump in and build it. But I realised that might suit them, but I might want to flip things and change things.”


Deborah Hutton has one of the most recognisable faces in Australia, having graced television screens and magazine covers since the age of 16. But two years ago, she was rushed in for surgery on a facial skin cancer which left her with a confronting scar on her face.

She recently featured in a Seven News special about her experience and her warning for other men and women to protect their skin, especially on their heads. 

“I had no idea how important it is to protect our heads. This story was about my story and uncovering the horrors of skin cancer in Australia. And I know that 95 percent of all skin cancers in Australia are in the head and neck area,” she told us on the podcast.

That’s why Deb is so passionate about people wearing the proper hat protection and has launched her Canopy Bay 50+ hat range to help you stay safe in the sun.  

Read more about each of the eight episodes of Find Your Dream Home on Foxtel’s website. Check out her interiors range at My House. And follow Deb on Instagram.


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