How to combine interior design styles with success

21 March, 2021
Boho mid century modern

There are so many recognised ways to style your home. But if you want to know how to combine interior design styles for a more eclectic look, it can be done with a few key tips to keep in mind. 

Being confident about your own style is really important, whether you’re creating a look yourself or working with an interior design professional. And it helps if you can describe your favourite take on interiors. Is it scandi, mid-century modern, coastal, modern country or something else? 

Because if you can describe what you like and you know what terms to use, it will be easier to create a cohesive look for your home. And that helps you to know whether your selections are going to clash or work with what you’ve already got.

But what do you do when you like different interiors styles? And can you combine interior design styles in your home?

Listen up to this episode of At Home with Lauren Keenan we are giving you permission to decorate your home with a range of different interior styles.


Using a range of different styles that may clash isn’t necessarily the best idea. Because it’s not going to feel considered and coordinated. You might even feel like you’re in a different home, depending which room you’re in at any given time. It’s also hard to buy the right furniture and make decisions on colours and textures. 

But taking inspiration from styles that sit comfortably together is going to help you combine interior design styles with success. Here are some styles that can work well together:

Modern Country and Coastal
Both are light and bright. Both love timber and muted colours. Modern Country will add just a touch of rustic-ness while the Coastal style provides the polish. It’s all about balance with this merging. It can be really harmonious.

Mid-Century Modern and Boho
On paper, this should NOT work. But they can look great together. Mid-Century Modern is all about simplicity and lack of adornment while Boho is the complete opposite. Colour and texture are a great way to merge these two styles. 

Deep colours like burnt orange, teal and deep pink were quite prominent in Mid-Century Modern styling. And fortunately, they also lend themselves to the Boho look. You can add lots of plants for that lush and lived in feel. And bring in Boho texture through cushions and pots and vases. But keep furniture shapes simple and based around Mid-Century Modern design.

Art Deco and Industrial
These two styles are surprisingly easy to merge. And there are lots of readily available furniture and decor items that you can buy to make this interior design combination come to life in your home. 

For Art Deco, look for soft furnishings that bring in some geometric patterns or velvets. Go for classic black and white colours or add in jewel tones like emerald, sapphire and deep ruby pink. 

Then to get the industrial vibes happening, look for furniture with black metal legs or frames. And add a statement pendant light also featuring metal and glass.


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