4 December, 2018

Building an EFFECTIVE BUDGET is one of the MOST IMPORTANT FOUNDATIONS for a successful renovation project, big or small. And we want to help you get to grips with just how important a budget is by sharing information about some of the pitfalls and by giving you some simple tools to build a budget for renovation success. So we’ve released a podcast episode about how to make your money count when you’re renovating in our series called Adventures in Renovating for Profit. It’s based on our experience in renovation projects and Lauren’s expertise as an Interiors Stylist and founder of this business. Plus we speak to Bondi Builder Marshal Keen with a couple of great tips around balancing a budget when you’re working with a builder on a renovation project. This podcast series will help you if you’re looking to make money from a renovation, investing in property or you just want to update the home you live in. This is episode 6 in this series which has covered so many of the questions you need to ask yourself and the questions you need to ask the experts when you’re doing your own renovation or real estate project. We’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a number of experts including a mortgage broker about financing a project and an experienced real estate agent about how to find your property and what to do once the renovation is complete. Here are the episodes in this series: Episode 1 – How to start a renovation project Episode 2 – How to find an investment property Episode 3 – What is the difference between buying to rent and buying to flip Episode 4 – How to finance your investment property Episode 5 – Planning for success Episode 6 – Building a budget for renovation success Episode 7 – Why asking for help is the smartest thing you might do Episode 8 – How to sell or rent your property once the renovation is done

How you can get involved

We want to know what are the big burning questions you have about renovating. Do you want info on how to find a property? A specific question about financing a project? Or just don’t know where to start? Or do you have plans for a project and want to get some general feedback on how you’re going so far? Email with your questions and we’ll answer them later in this season of the podcast. Thanks again for listening. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast in Apple Podcasts or your fav podcast app so you never miss an episode. And if you want Lauren to work with you on your renovation or interior styling project then get in touch now.

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