Best indoor plants for your home

15 June, 2020

Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent, or a newcomer to green life, here are my tips for the best indoor plants. While I’m now a very confident green thumb, I used to be a serious plant killer. I don’t know if I gave them too much love, or not enough. But my track record with plants used to stink! Thankfully, I’ve worked out which plants grow well in my home and how to look after them.


This beauty is one of the best indoor plants going around. The leaves feature a striking pale pink and dark green painterly pattern. And the underside of the foliage is a brilliant deep pink. This is a great example of how plants can help add personality to a room.

This little guy likes bright, but indirect sun and humidity. I find watering once a week is enough. Stick your finger in the top of the soil and if it seems dry then it’s time to water. I also feed it every second month, alternating between Powerfeed and Seasol.


Devil’s Ivy is a great starting point for any plant newbies. Even if you buy your plant quite small to begin with, you’ll notice growth very quickly. It’s quite satisfying to see those tendrils get longer each week. The other thing that’s great about the Devil’s Ivy is that it will show you when it needs watering. It tends to droop a little so you’ll know it’s time for a drink. Don’t worry, it perks up quickly.


Got a serious case of black thumb? Then the Zanzibar Gem may be one the best indoor plants for you. It is almost impossible to kill this plant. It prefers very little watering and can tolerate whatever bad natural light you throw at it. And did I mention that it grows like nothing else? Sometimes up to 10cm in a week!


A watering can. I love this one from ZAKKIA.
You need some plant food like Seasol and Powerfeed.
Bunnings and Flower Power are great for plant advice too. And for things like stakes and pots.


I truly believe that real plants can help you create a more beautiful and healthy home. Email me if you’d like me to help introduce green life into your home.

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