Balcony Styling for small spaces

14 October, 2019
Outdoor pots

Live in an apartment? Beautiful balcony styling is easier than you think. I’ve put together some useful ideas so you can create an outdoor space that you can love all year around.

Pick out your pots

When it comes to green life on a balcony, styling with the right pots can make all the difference.

If space allows, it’s great to cluster a series of pots together. For a cohesive look, choose the same pot in a few different sizes. Then place the tallest plant at the back and cascade down to the smallest plant. Make sure you’ve read up on the light requirements of the plants you have chosen. You don’t want you small plants at the front to not be receiving sun if they really need it!

If you’re really short on space, then just opt for one statement plant in a corner. Pick something with a foliage you love and style it in a showstopper pot.

Balcony Styling

Balcony styling vs. functionality

When you’ve only got one small outdoor space to enjoy, it’s vital that it functions well too. Consider how you are most likely to use the space. If there are generally just two of you living in the apartment, then it doesn’t make much sense to have a big 8-seater outdoor table that gets filled twice a year. And if your indoor dining table is just inside, then perhaps using the outdoors as a lounging space makes more sense.

When styling your balcony with furniture you also need to think about what other activities take place out there. Is there still room to hang your washing on a drying rack? Can you BBQ with ease?

Go up…or down!

A common mistake when styling any space is to only consider areas within our eye level. With a small balcony, don’t forget to use the space above your head! You may be able to hang basket plants from the balcony roof. Or create a trellis or green wall at the side of your balcony.

Learn more about balcony styling

Listen to my podcast interview with landscape designer Adam Robinson for more great info about making the most of your outdoor spaces – no matter how big or small they might be!

And if you need some expert styling advice about how to create a beautiful outdoor area in time for summer, then email me and let’s talk.

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