How to create an amazing Australian Christmas

5 December, 2019
Australian Christmas wrapping

Looking for inspiration for a beautiful Australian Christmas? Well, I’ve got all the advice you’ll need in this very special Christmas mini-series of my podcast At Home with Lauren Keenan.

This series brought to you in partnership with BIG W, your one-stop-shop this Christmas.

You know I’m all about helping you create amazing spaces in your home. And that includes festive decorating and entertaining for Christmas!

We’re teaming up with some great Australian Christmas experts! Annie Bloom from Visual Empire and expert gift wrapper Vivienne Anthon from Daily Wrap. You’ll find out how to decorate your home and Christmas tree. And make your presents stand out with clever wrapping! Plus, we talk about creating an amazing table Christmas, because we all need that to get into the spirit.

Here’s Episode 1 in our series of four. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you get into the Christmas spirit! Don’t forget, the best way to let me know what you think is to give the show a review.

So if you loved this episode, don’t forget there are three other very festive episodes to listen to in this mini-series! You can find them here.

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