4 January, 2016

Whether you work from home everyday or just need a dedicated space to pay bills and respond to emails, a home office is an important inclusion in every home. There many different styles of home office including the study nook, built-in desks and the ever-popular trestle table.

Not sure where to start? Follow our five tips for creating a stylish and functional workspace in your home.

 1. Choose your location wisely Think about how you will be working in the space. For short sessions or if it doubles as a childrens’ study space you might consider a study nook off the kitchen or dining room.  If you’re looking for a quiet space where you can work in the evenings, it’s best to choose a location away from the noise of the TV or outside traffic. If clients will be dropping by choose a space that doesn’t mean they will be traipsing through your whole house.

2. Combine form and function This is an important one! It’s no good having a beautiful-looking office is no good if if doesn’t suit the way you work. On the other hand, no one wants a practical but ugly home office. Choose furniture and accessories that suit suit your work style and complement the decor of the rest of your home. It will make for a much more pleasant working environment! 3. A room with a view Give yourself a big dose of inspiration by placing your desk next to a window. Having a connection to the outside world while you work is surprisingly motivating. No window? No problem! Choose a piece of art you love to hang above your desk or flip things around and face your chair towards the door. 4. Create efficient storage Your home office may not be the largest room in your home, but you can make the most of the space you have with nifty storage solutions. Floating shelves look great hung above your computer monitor and make for east access to your files. Stackable trays placed on your desk will also help you keep day-to-day items within close reach. Look for on-trend versions in timber or copper. 5. Light it up Good lighting is imperative in your home office. Position a lamp on your desk to help reduce eye strain and headaches. Also be aware of any nasty glare from overhead lighting on your computer monitor.

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Here are some of our favourite home offices…wouldn’t you love to spend your days working in one of these spaces?!

Image via Vicously Cyd

Image via Lonny

Image via Mim Design 

Image via Twelve Pieces

 Image via Apartment Therapy

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